We were tasked with integrating the new baggage development at Gatwick South Terminal Pier 1 in order to enable Gatwick to introduce features such as ‘day before’ check-in and batch building. It will also enable passengers in the South Terminal to check-in at any of the nine check-in zones and have their baggage automatically sorted to the appropriate destination..


How We Were Selected For This Project

In the face of intense competition and a rigorous tender process JCK were selected to deliver the M&E packages by BEUMER Group UK.

BEUMER Group UK Limited, with Crisplant, were awarded a contract to integrate the new baggage handling system within Gatwick Airport’s £183.9 million redevelopment of the South Terminal Pier 1. JCK’s experience within the Airport construction sector and the developing logistical solutions proved vital criteria’s for the selection process.

Why JCK?

JCK’s continuous  involvement nationally at both Gatwick and Heathrow redevelopment projects and baggage installations along with a growing world wide project service supporting structure has made firm foundations for JCK to be a proven leading M&E contractor capable of delivering technical and large scale projects.

Key Stages Of The Project

  • Logistics – The project equipment was shipped  to the UK and JCK were tasked to track and store all shipments in the BEUMER Logistics facility close to the Airport. The JCK IMS web based management system was used to track the equipment ready for the call off during the construction phase.
  • Construction – During construction the project, JCK peaked at 150+ personnel. The BEUMER conveyor based system was installed along with the Crisbag EBS tote system and chutes from the 2 Tilt Tray sorters.
  • Handover – Part of the project deliverables was to follow the BEUMER Group staged process for hand over. Each Line and Zone was inspected to meet the stage handover and quality criteria to allow the next stage to progress with the ultimate target of achieving the commissioning dates. The intense programme and high standard of quality required the project team to work closely with the customers requirement to integrate the baggage system.

JCK were able to deliver the 2600 capacity EBS (Early Bag Store) to the installation programme date helping BEUMER Group UK, VINCI Construction UK, achieve the overall project milestones for the EBS system.

–  Pete Weston